uPVC vs Aluminium Windows

Overseas homes have been enjoying the benefits of uPVC windows for decades while New Zealand homes are still built with older and under performing window materials and technology.

Let's see how ThermaScreen uPVC windows compare with standard aluminium windows.

Compare uPVC and Aluminium

Insulation Is The Key

When it comes to home insulation, industry professionals often talk about "R-Values". It is quite a complex equation, but let's keep it simple.

The higher the R-value, the more insulation against heat loss. Let's take a look at how our uPVC windows compare against standard and upgraded aluminium joinery.

Window thermal performance comparison.

ThermaScreen's standard uPVC windows are 2.5 times more insulating than traditional double-glazed aluminium windows. Even if you pay for expensive aluminium upgrades, our entry-level windows are still 1.5 times more insulating.

The minimum acceptable R-Value in the US is 0.58, meaning that even a double paned aluminium window with all of the upgrades doesn't meet minimum US performance requirements!

What does a better R-Value mean for you? More insulating windows stay warmer in winter which result in a reduction or elimination of condensation. More insulating windows also mean less money spent on heating and cooling. BRANZ stated that NZ could save over $730,000,000 in heating costs over their first 20 years alone, and prevent 660,000 tonnes of CO2 from being produced only by choosing higher performance windows instead of basic aluminium.

Expensive Performance Upgrades Aren't Necessary

Aluminium windows are notorious for acting like radiators, bringing unwanted heat from the outside into the room. They also conduct cold in the same way, which results in condensation and mould. Even double glazed aluminium windows can have condensation problems on the aluminium frames.

Condensation on aluminium frames
Condensation on Aluminium Frames

To address this, aluminium windows can be specially protected with “thermal breaks,” to help improve energy efficiency. This is an upgrade and adds to the overall cost. Ironically, the material used for a thermal break may be uPVC. A thermal break isn't applicable to a uPVC window because the entire frame is already a thermal break.

Argon-filled, double-pane Low-E coated glass further increases window insulation and is standard on all our windows, not an upgrade as with aluminium windows.

What About The Typical Condensation On Aluminium Windows?

The superior insulation properties of uPVC frames virtually eliminate everyday condensation. Condensation on the glass is possible but greatly reduced with double paned glass and argon filling.

During cooler weather, even double pane aluminium windows will cause condensation due to heat transfer through the window frame. This can lead to mould and unsightly water damage. Condensation on the glass is also possible but greatly reduced with double panes and argon filling.

Reveals with condensation damage
Mold from Aluminium Window
Hung Windows with Screens

Fresh Air and Birdsong in the Summer, Without the Bugs

ThermaScreen offers seamlessly-integrated insect screens so your windows can be wide open during the day or night, without pesky flies or mosquitoes entering your home.

Lower Maintenance

uPVC windows never need to be repainted or stained because they are the same colour throughout. They are also highly resistant to dust and dirt, and are easily cleaned.

Aluminium windows need to be lubricated regularly because they contain metal on metal movements. When scratched, they may require painting to cover scratches.

3-Panel Sliding Window

Say Goodbye To Mould

The superior insulation of uPVC frames virtually eliminates everyday condensation which helps to keep homes drier (and lungs clearer).

Damaged Aluminium framing

Looks Better...For Longer

uPVC is resistant to cracking and denting. If scratched, the colour doesn't change since the uPVC is the same colour throughout.

uPVC is also impervious to corrosion, so it's perfect for salty or coastal environments where aluminium would start to show pitting or discolouration. This would make it harder to clean as the holes would start to accumulate dirt and dust.

A Quick Snapshot

As a summary, here's what you can expect from ThermaScreen Products.

Keeping your house warm

keep warm in winter, cool in summer

Better insulation in the joinery and low-e glass means more comfort all year around

Keep out pesky insects

no flies or mosquitoes

Our seamlessly integrated insect screens allow windows and doors to stay open during hot summer months, without the bugs

Keeping you safe

No more injury caused by open windows

Our uPVC windows come in a variety of styles, including awning, casement, and sliding options so little heads don't hit protruding windows

Cost effective

Competitive Pricing

Using the US economy of scale and smart shipping logistics, we ensure our quality products stay affordable

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