Can you help getting windows approved by the council?

Sure. We have tons of technical specifications, information, and our windows and doors have even been Hallmark Certified. If your councils need any information, we will be happy to provide it. Our windows and doors have already been accepted by a number of councils, which makes it much easier to accept the same brand of windows again.

2 thoughts on “Can you help getting windows approved by the council?”

  1. Have you had or heard of fibreglass windows accepted by any NZ councils for building consent lately? I’m asking because I have a potential client considering using them for a future project and would like to advise them and other clients whether they will meet NZ standards / building code compliance since they are from USA?

    1. We have had fiberglass windows that have been approved through local councils. We have noticed that the material of the window is not important as long as it meets the performance requirements set out through NZS4211 and E2. We have been independently certified to meet the NZS4211 requirements and will supply the install drawings that comply with E2 for each window that we supply.

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