General Window Information

High Performance uPVC Windows

Our uPVC windows are constructed of SunShield® vinyl, proven to perform in high UV New Zealand environments. They have actually been proven in higher UV environments like Hawaii, which has 50% more UV than New Zealand. Our profiles also include multi-chamber designs to both improve strength as well as thermal efficiency.

Our windows are also structurally reinforced using high strength fiberglass instead of metal. The thermal performance of fiberglass is far superior to metals, yet still provides phenomenal strength required for lifelong performance.

uPVC ensures long-lasting color retention and low maintenance, plus the added confidence against rotting, cracking, pitting, corroding and peeling. The vinyl is impervious to rot, insect and microbial damage, never requires painting and is easy to clean.

uPVC is an excellent choice for residential builds an has been proven word-wide for decades. Comes in a variety of opening styles, standard with low-e double glazing, argon fill, and integrated insect screens, and a great range of optional colours.


Beautiful Double Hung Windows
uPVC Hung Window Cross Section
Double Hung Window Cross Section

Window Selection

To choose the ideal window, it is best to decide which style of window will best fit the location. Common window styles include sliding windows, hung windows, casement windows, and awning windows. Hopper, specialty shaped, and garden windows are also available.

Additional options are available like exceptional thermal performance triple glazing, fine line internal corner welds, alternative exterior and interior colours and select wood grain interior laminates, grids between the glass, or even internal blinds between the glass.

Common window styles

uPVC Sliding Window


Windows that slide horizontally

uPVC Sliding Window Configurations
uPVC Hung Windows


Windows that slide vertically

uPVC Hung Window Configurations
uPVC Awning Windows


Traditional window swings out at the bottom

uPVC Awning Window Configurations
uPVC Casement Windows


Windows that rotate out from one side

uPVC Casement Window Configurations

Additional Options

Triple Glazing

Though our uPVC windows already far surpass minimum standards, even higher thermal performance can be obtained by choosing triple glazing instead of double.  This dramatically improves the comfort of your home and even further reduces the need for heating or cooling. These features are also required to meet passive house requirements.

Triple Glazing With Warm Edge Spacers
Triple Glazing
FineLine Technology

FineLineTM Technology allows the internal weld of a corner to be recessed, providing a smoother and more refined finish. This comes standard on any wood interior finished window.

uPVC Welded Fineline Corners
FineLine Corner Weld
Multiple Colour Options

A wide variety of external and internal colours are available.  Solid uPVC colours will be most economical, where internal wraps to mimic wood finishes, or painted exterior colours provide more elegant and decorative tastes.

uPVC Colour Options
Base Colours and Wraps
uPVC Paint Options
Exterior Paint Colours
Grids Between the Glass

Grids can also be placed in between the two panes of glass to provide an aesthetic look of divided window panes, but remove any need for maintenance.  The grids are also made of highly insulating uPVC so they still exceed even the harshest of NZ window thermal performance requirements.

Grille Between the Glass Options
Selection of Grid Styles

Want More Information About Our Options?

Download our complete brochure for uPVC Windows including all colour, opening style, and aesthetic options.

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