Are there any differences to installing uPVC windows?

There are some differences. Some builders that we talk to say that our windows are actually easier to install than typical windows.  Here are some of the differences.

uPVC windows come in two different frame styles, a block style which installs inside the framing of the window and is similar to most NZ windows, and a fin style that has an installation fin built into the frame perimeter. A fin window will install only from the outside (without the exterior siding) and fits into the window opening. The fin is then fastened to the timber framing opening.  Fin style is easier to install in new installations, and block style is easier in existing installations (remodels).

uPVC windows also don’t come with the wood trim attached that covers the inside of the window frame. This is commonly covered after installation with gib, or wood after the window is installed. Remember that uPVC windows don’t sweat (exhibit condensation) like aluminium windows so painted GIB will last.

For more information on installation techniques and differences, we encourage you to visit our Technical page for a more in-depth discussion.

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