To choose the ideal window, it is best to decide which style of window will best fit the location. Common styles include sliding windows, hung windows, casement windows, and awning windows.

After deciding on the best style of window, the size and climate help decide which product model of window will be best suited.

Common window styles



Windows that slide horizontally

Double Hung


Windows that slide vertically

350 series


Traditional window swings out at the bottom



Windows that rotate out from one side

Product Models

250 Series uPVC Windows

Our most popular window material because of it's high thermal insulation properties and it's economical price point.  The best choice for residential builds. Comes in sliding, hung, casement, and awning window styles, with low-e glass, argon fill, and integrated screens as standard, and a great range of colours.

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250 Series
250 Series
Cross-section of a vinyl window

Impervia Fibreglass Windows

Better insulation properties than uPVC, and less prone to flexing allow for larger size windows. Ideal for high traffic commercial uses and cyclone wind protection because of its high durability. Comes in five exciting colours, a variety of shapes and styles, and as always low-E glass, argon fill, and insect screens are standard.

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Impervia Series
Impervia Series
Impervia Duracast

Lifestyle Series Wood Windows

Proven durability of wood with the added protection of an exterior shell of aluminium cladding for water, insect, and fire resistance. Preferred for its distinctive traditional look with frames that can be stained or painted. Available in multiple wood types including pine, oak, maple, and more.  Some opening styles offer Blinds Between the Glass with triple glazing applications.  As always low-E glass, argon fill, and insect screens are standard.

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Wood Window
Wood Cross Section
Blinds Between Glass

Overwhelmed? Have Questions?

We know that there are lots of options, but we are here to help you determine exactly what will work best for you and your home. Please contact us for help.